Turbine Blowers


Based on revolutionary innovation, It is comparatively quieter, lighter and practically maintenance & oil free substitute of the noisy, bulky, oily and monstrous type of conventional air blowers, for the applications where large and forceful suction and pressure capabilities are required in agitation of chemicals.

A maintenance free, noise less blower because of no friction, no vibration & needs no lubrication at all. Consequently, completely wear & tear free. Since there is absolutely no friction between any two parts of the blower, hence no lubrication is required and consequently the pressurized air or vacuum generated by the machine is 100% oil free.

Since these blowers are compact, maintenance free and need no oiling at all, these are most suited for mounting inside

the machines meant for electro plating, dust collecting, printing , paper handling, Vacuum packaging, pneumatic conveying and hence are quite popular with OEM.

Principle Of Operation :
These blowers consist of a dynamically balanced impeller which revolves in a stator-cum-compression chamber having very fine clearances between them.The impeller is fitted directly on to the motor shaft. Both the suction and pressure opennings are located on the outer periphery of the stator to reduce impedence to the air flow thereby developing vacuum and pressure.Since the impeller rotates with no contact between itself and the casing,there is no wear and tear and requires no lubrication.

Application :
Manufacturing of

textiles, Measuring, ,edical and Laboratory equipment, Printing and paper handling, Vaccuum Packaging, Waste water treatment, Reprographics Industry, Aeration of fluids, Pneumatic Conveying, Plastic Industry, Industrian Ovens, Vaccum Cleaners, Air Pollution monitoring equipment.

Features :

  • No lubrication is required since there is no friction and hence air is absolutely Oil Free.
  • Practically nil maintenance cost.
  • Extremely compact units and can be mounted inside the machine.
  • Silencer ensures low noise level.

There Are Two Types of Turbine Blowers
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Turbine Blowers

Turbine Blowers