Direct Drive Oil Sealed Rotary High Vaccum Pump


Direct Drive, Oil-Sealed, Rotary High Vacuum Pumps are compact in size, as they are directly mounted on the motor flange. These pumps are light weight, well balanced and have exceptional size to performance ratio. These pumps have high pumping speeds and high water-vapor tolerance. The oil consumption is extremely low and they are air cooled.

These pumps are used extensively in industry and laboratories for production of medium and high vacuum. They are used as backing pumps in series with roots blowers, diffusion pumps etc. These pumps find applications in vacuum coating, molecular distillation, vacuum metallurgy, freeze drying, vacuum impregnation, air conditioning and refrigeration, vacuum lifting devices, packaging machines etc.


Solenoid operated anti-suck back valve to prevent oil in-rush into the system in the event of stopping the pump and power failure.
Provides uniform pumping speed.
Gas ballast facility has been provided. This helps in preventing condensation of vapors inside the pump when condensable va pours are being evacuated.
Suitably dimensioned inlet and outlet ducts to minimize conductance losses.
Inlet port is adapted for ISO type quick clamp fittings for ease of assembly and disassembly of pump units.
Vanes are spring loaded and chemically resistant. The non-metallic vanes are dimensionally stabilized, quiet in operation and possess long life.
Quality graded ferrous castings to improve wear resistance.
Aluminum alloy, light weight oil tank with fins is designed to provide heat dissipation. This helps in running the pump cool and quiet.
Heat treated Rotor and shaft to prevent solid particles from getting into the pump chamber.
Flexible high torque coupling with vibration dampening insert.
Pump is supplied with a sturdy steel base and anti-vibration mountings.

Direct Drive Oil Sealed Rotary High Vaccum Pump

Direct Drive Oil Sealed Rotary High Vaccum Pump

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